About Us



CONTEMPORARY DESIGN GROUP is a national association of retail furniture showrooms whose owners are passionate about sharing their love for contemporary and modern design with their clients and customers. Founded in 1983, the member stores of CDG share ideas, enthusiasm, and a common interest in beautifully designed furniture. Our Mission Is to provide collaborative opportunities for contemporary home furnishings retailers to become more successful through shared knowledge, performance standards, best practices, and collective buying opportunities.

CDG members travel to furniture shows and expositions across the country and around the world to find original designs that will appeal to you. Our collective buying power allows us to build relationships with our suppliers who create unique product with terrific value exclusively for the CONTEMPORARY DESIGN GROUP COLLECTION. In our products, we seek originality, functionality, and high quality. In our suppliers, we seek innovation, creativity, and integrity.

Each member store is independently owned and operated. While each includes items found in the CONTEMPORARY DESIGN GROUP COLLECTION, each member store also brings its own individual approach to the concept of “contemporary design”.

Through the strength of our membership, we bring to you – our clients – incredible value on original contemporary designs.

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